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Globavox offers you a six in one service that keeps you connected and allows you to save on your communications no matter where you are.

CallBack Service

Out on the road

One of the new and exciting features of Globavox is the Web activated telephony service "Web Callback". Using Web Callback you can make a call from any phone, anywhere, anytime using VoIP rates - even if you don't have an ATA or VoIP phone.

So, how does it work? You don't have to configure any equipment on your side - you just need to have an account with a Globavox. All you need is a computer that is connected to the internet to initiate the call.

You can now have a phone to phone conversation without needing to be at your pc for the duration of the call, using our web callback service. This is particularly useful when you want to have a conversation away from your pc, if you pay for your time online (dial-up services) or if your ISP has blocked the use of pc2phone services.

You can test our callback service using the web interface below, To use further please signup and register your number with us.

To use it please signup and register your number with us and use 'Web Callback' after login in customer self care.

The procedure is:

  1. Login and register your phone number(s)
  2. Click on web callback and fill the form by selecting your number and giving destination number where you wish to call.
  3. The system calls you back. Answer the call. In the mean while the second call is made and connected.