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Frequently Asked Questions


What does Globavox offer?
Globavox offers you multiple services that make your life easy by enabling you to get the best of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).
How To Start
Create your free account
Download GlobaDialer app
Enter your username and password on the downloaded GlobaDialer to register.
Buy credit with your credit card: LogIn to your selfcare page, click on the "Add Funds" button and select Paypal
LogIN>Add funds>Paypal>Pay with credit card
Enjoy cheap global calls everywhere
What do you mean by six in one services?
You just need to register once with us and then you can use any of our service with login information provided to you. You dont need to get a new login to switch to any other service offered by Globavox.
How to Sign-Up?
Its so simple, just click here
Are there any charges to Sign-Up?
There are no monthly subscription, registration or administration charges, We give you free credit of 45 cents to check our service.
How much will I be charged for my calls?
Calls to all (PSTN) and mobile phone numbers will be charged the applicable tariff for the destination you are calling. Rates are per minute and calls are charged for the first 30 seconds and after that in increments of 6 seconds.
Is it safe to enter my credit card details into your web site?
Yes! We partner with paypal.com and Monaris for credit card payments who have a secure site so your details are encrypted before being sent over the internet. If you click on the padlock when in the PayPal site, you can verify that their site is both secure and the certificate is valid.


How can I call from my PC?
It is very easy you just need to Sign-Up with us and link to our dialer would be mailed on e-Mail address provided by you, download and install the dialer and start using our fabulous service.
Which countries can I call from?
There is no Restriction of your Geographical presence, You can call from anywhere in the World. All you need is a PC with internet connection, microphone and speakers (or ideally headset or handset). The rates are the same, wherever you call from in the world!
Which countries can I call to?
You can call to any country in the world. See our rate list here.
What dialling codes do I need to use?
For all calls you need to dial in the international format, that is the country code and phone number of the person you are calling, preceded by (00) or (+) e.g. 00442031299507 or +442031299507

 Phone-to-Phone CLI Based Dialing:

What is this service?
Globavox ’s Phone-to-Phone service enables you to make local or international calls with nominal rates as compared to existing traditional telephone services. All you need is to get your Caller ID registered with our service after you Sign-Up with Globavox . Once your Caller ID is registered with us you don’t need to enter any pin every time you want to avail our service. Just dial our access number and enter the number you wish to call, you will be granted access to our service automatically as your Caller ID would be authenticated by our CLI based authentication system
What is the advantage of CLI based authentication?
CLI based authentication will enable you to dial without entering any PIN or Access Code, every time you will be authenticated automatically.
Is there any catch in it?
Yes! Using our Phone-to-Phone service you will save a lot on nation wide dialing as well as on your international calls.
Can I use this service from any phone?
Yes! All you have to do is to register your Caller ID with our system.
Can I have multiple Caller IDs get registered against one account?
Yes! You can get all your land line numbers and cell numbers registered against one account and then you can enjoy PINless dialing from any of your registered Caller IDs.
What about the Caller ID I did not register with your system?
Not a big deal! If you are traveling or you have to use our service from any other Caller ID that you don't want to register permanently with our system, you can use Globavox 's Phone-to-Phone Pin Based Dialing service against your same account.

 Phone-to-Phone Pin Based Dialing:

How does this service differ from CLI based service?
This service is primarily for unregistered phones; all you need to generate a PIN and dial any of our Local Access Numbers. Enter the pin when asked and start dialing the number you wish to call.
From where I can get the pin to use this service while I am away from home?
Just visit our website www.ArtelTelecom.net and generate the PIN after getting logged in to customer login area.
Are there any extra charges to avail this service?
No! There are no extra charges.
Will I be charged for unsuccessful calls?
No. You will only be charged for successful calls and billing starts after your talk session has been established with the other party.
Are there any hidden charges?
Absolutely not. There are no connection or disconnection charges or any other hidden charges.
What are the billing increments?
Rates are in US currency per minute and calls are charged for the first 30 seconds and after that in increments of 6 seconds.
Are there any night time or week end discounts?
No we have a flat fee to keep the accounting simple. It is still lower than most night time charges on other carriers and it is available throughout the day and the week.

 CallBack Service:

What is the concept of "CallBack"?
Cell Outgoing Airtime saver uses CallBack. It is yet another innovative use of technology. Instead of you calling out directly to a number, you first call our access number. The access number gets to know you through the CLI interface. The system immediately drops your outgoing call and calls you back which is an incoming call for you. You are given a dial tone where you can dial your desired number as usual. Since most cell phone plans and packages have unlimited incoming calls free of charge, it results in good cost savings.
Is it legal?
Yes. The service is perfectly legal. See the call back legal status on FCC website at http://www.fcc.gov/ib/pd/pf/call-back.html. In addition ITU (International Telecommunications Union) also maintains a list of positions of countries on CallBack. That list can be found at http://www.itu.int/itudoc/itu-t/com3/callback/position.html The list clearly mentions that Canada and USA allow all types of CallBack services as legal.
Is there any catch?
NO. This is an absolutely no nonsense offer. There is nothing in fine print hiding anything from you.
How long does it take to get activated?
It is immediate. In less than two minutes of payment receipt, your account will be activated.
How is the sound quality?
Sound quality is usually equivalent to other telephony calls. You can take a free demo right now.
Can I call international destinations as well?
Yes. It is a full international account. There are huge savings on your international phone bill as well. Compare our rates here.
Can I share the balance among multiple phone numbers?
No. Each phone needs to have a separate account. This feature is expected to be coming soon. You can signup for our newsletter in case you want to remain informed about new developments at Globavox .
How can you offer such savings?
Instead of conventional telephony technology, we extensively use high technology that saves us money which we pass on to you.
When I call using your service, what CallerID will be shown on people's phones?
The CallerID shown on people's cell phone is the same 10 digit number that they will see if you dial them direct. They will not know that you are using a CallBack service to call them.
My incoming calls are only free if they come from the same area code as my cell phone. What can I do?
Look at the local system access numbers and find an access number in your area code. The system will call you back from the same number which you dial to initiate the call back. If you do not find any number in your local area code, you can request one here Local Access Numbers

 IP-Phone Configurations:

How can i configure IP-Phone with your service?
Please follow the steps to configure IP-Phone with Globavox service.

  1. SIP Settings
    • SIP Port: (5060)
  2. Proxy Registration
    • Proxy: (switch.Globavox .com)
    • Outbound Proxy: (switch.Globavox .com)
  3. Subscriber Information
    • Display Name: (UserName)
    • Password: (*******)
    • Auth ID: (UserName)
  4. Audio Configuration
    • Preferred Codec:(G729a)
    • Silence Suppression Enable: (NO)

 Globavox Dialer:

How can i install PC to Phone Dialer?
Following are the simple steps below, in less than 2 minutes; you will be able to call any Cell Phone, Home Phone or Business Phone in any Country across the World.

STEP 1: Click on the Download Dialer Button.

STEP 2: Click "Save".

STEP 3: Select the directory you want to save the setup of Globavox Dialer and Click "Save".

STEP 4: Once you downloaded the dialer run the setup by double clicking it.

STEP 5: Click -- "Next".

STEP 6: Specifiy the destination folder and click "Next".

STEP 7: Click "Finish

Step 8 Go to your Desktop and click on the dialer Icon.

Step 9: Once you have opened the dialer, now press the sign up button on the left bottom of the dialer and enter the required information on Sign Up page.

Step 10: Complete Globavox Sign Up Form and click "Sign-Up". Please be sure to enter a correct Email and register the Phone Number that you will be calling from to make Phone-2-Phone calls from the US and Canada to anywhere in the world.

Step 11: Check your E-mail inbox.

Step 12: If you have not received any E-mail yet from AdvancedVoIP@gmail.com please check your spam folder or allow mails from domain Globavox .com in your E-mail's allow list

Step 13: Open your dialer and enter the login information and press Login. Once you are logged in you can start dialing anywhere across the globe.

How can i configure sound settings?
The PC-Phone dialer sound settings can be found here
How can i configure connection settings?
The PC-Phone dialer connection settings can be found here

 Mobile VoIP:

How can i install Mobile Dialer?
To download Mobile Dialer please Click Here
What dialling codes do I need to use?
For all external calls you need to dial the country code and phone number of the person you are calling. e.g. 442031299507 or 14168404385
How can I configure my GPRS/3G settings?
Make sure you are subscribed to a data plan with your cellular operator. Each handset and service provider uses different settings to use GPRS/3G in order to connect to the Internet.