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Globavox Products

Globavox offers you a six in one service that keeps you connected and allows you to save on your communications no matter where you are.

Pc to Phone

Outside USA and Canada or in a hotel room Download Dialer

Globavox has a great looking soft phone for Windows. A relatively small download allows you to start using VoIP today. This software will work with a 56K dialup connection and faster speeds. Broadband Internet is preferred for smooth conversations without latency.

Unlike your home phone number in a fixed location or your cell phone with a fixed telephone number, VoIP telephony using soft phones, USB phones or wireless phones allow you to do many things.

For outbound calls you must fund your account. Globavox have competitive low rates as compared to other VoIP service providers. Call all over the world, no commitment, pay as you go.

Mobile VoIP

From a Mobile over internet data plan or WiFi

Mobile VoIP is a new way of using your mobile phone by routing calls over the internet rather than via traditional mobile operators - thus cutting out the middle man and saving you money.

Mobile VoIP works wherever you have access to the internet via Wi-Fi or over 3G and the availability of wireless connectivity is absolutely booming.

This can mean your home, office, public areas or commercial hotspots (coffee shops, airports etc). You will be able to make free or VoIP-rate calls from your sofa or when visiting friends with Wi-Fi. Similarly, Mobile VoIP calls can be made from your office and other workplaces you visit.

You can use Our SIP(session intitation protocol) service and call using your mobile or SIP device using our rates.

You will need username, password and SIP proxy to make calls from mobile using our SIP service.

Download Free Mobile Software

IP-Phone Solution

Want to use our service just like your normal phone

Devices, such as the IP Phones, LAN Phones and Gateways can be used with Globavox . These low cost devices connect directly to your existing internet connection and remove the need to make calls using your PC. They are ideal for call shops, internet cafes, business use or even home use, and Globavox will help you with setup and configuration.

It is possible - and actually quite easy - to use standard cordless phones with Globavox using a Grand stream ATA 486 or similar device. We recommend trying our soft phone for sure.

Purchase an IP Phone or VoIP Device from anywhere, configure it with our service and then dial any destination in the world using our rates and The obvious savings are on long distance since you can place calls to your local calling area while on the road.

CallBack Service

Out on the road

Globavox’s CallBack is a service designed to save you money on your existing cell phone package.

It eliminates outgoing air time charges even when you make outgoing calls using your existing cell phone provider. That is the most expensive part of your cell phone bill.

In addition, it frees you from paying hefty call charges to your service provider. It extends its own excellent call charges as low as 4.0¢ per minute for local as well as International calls. And local calls are calls to anywhere in Canada, USA, China and many other countries.

CallBack will cost double charges i.e. people need to add charges from destination they are requesting a CallBack and to the destination they are calling e.g. a person calling from USA to Canada will pay 2 cents for USA and another 2 cents for Canada a total of 4 cents per minute.

If you are requesting for a CallBack from a place other than North America, you will be charged for call to your number and the number you will call using Globavox CallBack Service. For example, a person using CallBack from Mexico to South Africa will be charged for South Africa rates + Mexico Rates. Please note that this is only viable if saving outgoing air time is important for a user.

It is a no nonsense offer. You can now talk for hours and hours on your cell phone without burning any outgoing air time while you take advantage of our exciting local and international rates.